August 26, 2017: International freight forwarding and logistics company Panalpina has launched a multimodal heavy lift, Panprojects Carrier.

With this new carrier model, Panalpina can oversee multimodal heavy-lift moves from fabrication to installation sites under one single contract that clearly governs all modes of transport. For customers like EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies and oil and gas majors, this offering with its unique legal framework reduces to an absolute minimum the commercial, technical and contractual risks that are inherent to the multimodal transport of project cargo.

Multimodal heavy-lift moves: every change of transport mode bears specific risks that must be clearly addressed contractually. “We are closing a gap in the heavy-lift market that has existed for too long. Panalpina now offers a unique, seamless solution for multimodal heavy-lift transportation where the ocean part represents the main leg. And by seamless I do not only mean a complete end-to-end service but one that is also fully mirrored and governed by an absolutely consistent legal framework,” said Erik Hutter, Panalpina’s global head of marine chartering. “

The single contract under which Panalpina offers its multimodal solutions is consistent with the released transportation documents such as the bill of lading and the general terms and conditions. This greatly helps to avoid problems and disputes when exceptions occur during transport, especially when the transport mode changes. The new purpose-designed legal framework, therefore, ensures the best possible contractual clarity and one point of contact for the customer.

“We consider the total scope of an assignment, identify all possible risks in the transport chain and then clearly define and stipulate in a single contract the responsibilities and liabilities applicable to each transport leg, including overland pre-carriage, port handling and stevedoring, the main ocean leg, and overland Page 2 of 2 post-carriage. Our approach reduces to an absolute minimum the contractual, commercial and technical risks that are inherent to the multimodal transport of project cargo,” added Michel Dubois, Panalpina’s global head of Energy and Project Solutions

Panprojects Carrier works in close cooperation with all leading multi-purpose and heavy-lift carriers of the world. It has access to over 2,300 specialised vessels in the market. The most suitable carrier and vessel for each move are selected by Panalpina’s Energy and Project Solutions experts. The company’s stringent subcontractor management system additionally covers all companies and equipment that are employed for pre- and on-carriage of project cargo by road or rail.

Furthermore, the company’s transport engineers make sure that any technical issues are prevented.

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