Feb 3, 2017: The container terminal at the Port of Beira has implemented the Navis N4 terminal, informed Cornelder de Moçambique (CdM), the operator of the Port of Beira. N4 replaces a competitive product that was unable to support future business requirements for the terminal, which includes automation and Business Intelligence.

Handling approximately 200,000 TEUs annually, the Port of Beira in Mozambique serves as a critical container shipping hub for a number of land locked countries, including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Eastern DRC, offering the shortest and fastest route to sea. Over the past decade, investments in both equipment and software have helped to significantly improve productivity and efficiency at the terminal. Yet, with its sights set on further innovation, Cornelder de Moçambique knew it would need to replace its existing terminal system in order to scale and realize new business benefits. After a thorough evaluation, the terminal opted for Navis N4.

"As we continue to innovate and look to implement OCR systems, automatic gates, more EDI and internet usage, as well as achieve better integration with our administrative workflows, N4 gives us the possibility to implement this and further functionality in the years to come," said Jan Laurens de Vries, Commercial Manager, Cornelder de Moçambique.

During the implementation process, it was critical for CdM to minimize operational delays for its customers, and ensure that the migration would not significantly alter or change existing procedures for its stakeholders. Navis delivered on all fronts, due in great part to unwavering support and partnership from the Navis implementation team, the composition and involvement of the Cornelder project team, as well as a conservative rollout of N4 functionality to match current business needs.

Jan de Vries continued, "With a successful and smooth implementation of the N4 terminal system, Cornelder de Mocambique has laid an important foundation to continuously improve efficiency and productivity, leading to better services for our customers in the Southern African hinterland and overseas."

"The Port of Beira N4 go-live perfectly demonstrates the successful outcomes that can be achieved with a fully engaged project team and a custom-built implementation plan that addresses a terminal's unique business requirements," said Guenter Schmidmeir, VP & General Manager, EMEA. "We are proud to extend Navis' footprint in Africa, and look forward to supporting Cornelder de Moçambique as it further innovates and optimizes container flow in this important region."