November 26, 2019: Safmarine, a subsidiary of AP Moller-Maersk Group, has collaborated with CargoSphere for providing Safmarine Spot rates immediately accessible to customers. Safmarine is an international container carrier focused on trade to and from emerging markets in Africa and West Central Asia.

A.P. Moller-Maersk went live on the CargoSphere platform in August 2018.

CargoSphere's eSUDS and rate mesh technology enable a 100 percent, digital rate ecosystem, including a fully-automated transfer of Safmarine rates, to significantly streamline ocean freight rate management for customers.

CargoSphere is a neutral rate network for container shipping. This digital platform is a rate option with a loading guarantee at a fixed price at booking. This integration will enable customers to access Safmarine Spot rates with their confidential contract rates in a single rate search on CargoSphere. The Maersk Spot product is also available on CargoSphere.

"The addition of Safmarine Spot on CargoSphere expands our customers' freight rate options delivering a richer offering for their supply chain needs. We're committed to adopting cutting-edge technology that delivers faster, streamlined transactions and the best customer experience possible. CargoSphere has demonstrated strength in innovation and technology and offers a tremendous distribution opportunity," said Renato Silva, head of customer experience in Safmarine.

Neil Barni, managing director of CargoSphere, said, "A fully-automated rate data stream significantly reduces the time-consuming and tedious aspects of rate management for Safmarine's customers who will see their contract rates and the Safmarine Spot product in one view on CargoSphere. We're pleased to collaborate with Safmarine to provide their customers with a higher level of accuracy and efficiency."

Founded in 1946 in South Africa, Safmarine has always had strong ties to Africa, its energy, people and vibrant culture. Embracing these roots has established a distinct way of doing business, which still sets the carrier apart from its competition.

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