August 18, 2021: Sendy has started a plan to provide small businesses and individual consumers with low-cost logistical solutions, as per Soko Directory.

Small companies and individuals who place their first order for the company’s vans and pickups in its small four-wheel (S4W) vehicle portfolio will receive a 40 percent discount, saving about Sh1000 per 5 kilometres, according to Sendy’s per-distance model.

Sendy wants to expand its small four-wheel delivery vehicles for goods weighing less than 500 kilogrammes to meet the increased demand for last-mile delivery services driven on by the ecommerce boom.

According to a World Economic Forum study, demand for last-mile deliveries in cities will increase by 78 percent by 2030, resulting in 36 percent more delivery vehicles.

The technology logistics company, which has grown into East and West Africa and now serves over 100,000 cross-continental businesses and individuals, has a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles on its on-demand platform and has completed over one million deliveries.

In order to tackle zero-carbon mobility in Nairobi, Sendy launched its first electric vehicle fleets in July.

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