Africa Global Logistics (AGL), a leading player in logistics and port operations in Africa, launched the activities of its subsidiary AGL Lobito Terminal (ALT).

The operations were launched during a ceremony presided over by Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu, Minister of Transport of Angola. The event was attended by Philippe Labonne, President, AGL and officials from Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as per the official release from AGL.

730 employees operate the terminal as well as the handling equipment, information systems, and container and conventional terminal yards of the Port of Lobito. With a quay depth of 14m, the terminal has the capacity to accommodate large-capacity ships and handle more than one million tonnes of bulk goods and more than 100,000 TEU containers per year.

The second largest port hub in Angola, the Port of Lobito is intended to meet the needs for improving the living conditions of 35 million Angolans and the populations of neighbouring countries, the release added.

“It is positioned to play a strategic role in the global energy transition, being the first Atlantic gateway to the Copperbelt region. The port infrastructure will participate in the transport of strategic mineral flows (copper, cobalt) to international markets as well as in the development of agricultural production basins and the industrialisation of the region. It will reduce transit times to European and American markets, thus strengthening the efficiency of the African logistics chain.”

D’Abreu says: “The government is pleased to engage in this partnership with a major operator of African logistics. Its expertise and experience will allow the Port of Lobito to have a positive impact on the socio-economic development of the region. The connection of this port to the existing Benguela railway network extending over 1,300 km and to the future railway line to Zambia will allow, thanks to the actions to improve the productivity of this platform, to substantially reduce the time for the transport of goods.”

Labonne adds: “The Lobito terminal validates our strategy aimed at improving living conditions and promoting economic competitiveness through robust and multimodal logistics solutions that meet Africa's challenges. Our operations on the Lobito corridor will be essential to facilitate market access and support industries essential to the global economy, especially in the context of the transition to renewable energy sources.”

AGL is committed, with an investment plan of €200 million, to increase the attractiveness of the terminal and to contribute to the economic and social development of the region, the release added.

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