French carrier CMA CGM announced the launch of SMART containers equipped with state-of-the-art Emerson technology, allowing users to:

Monitor the status and conditions of the container in real time.
Receive key data such as location, temperature and gas variations.
Access an easy and friendly dashboard to monitor all the conditions of reefer containers; and
Set up notifications to detect possible anomalies and quickly implement corrective measures.

"Supply chain management is facilitated through an intuitive online interface that is updated in real time. This enables you to be more proactive at every step of the transport process," an official statement said.

The SMART reefer container launch is a complement to the SMART container offering for dry goods. "Since its launch in 2018, TRAXENS smart container allows you to track your dry goods in real time."


Track the position of dry container both at sea and on land; and

Be alerted to the intensity of possible shocks, the opening and closing of container doors and the temperature variations outside.

The SMART containers offer next-generation connectivity for seamless tracking of cargo anywhere, anytime. "A user-friendly hub allows efficient analytics, easy setup of alerts and personalised notifications."

The SMART reefer containers would be available for 34 countries including China, U.K., U.S. and Vietnam.

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