Following two years of playing a central role in maintaining global trade during the pandemic, bulk handling companies are proving their strength and resilience once again in the face of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Saving time and lowering the operating costs for their customers, the benefits are numerous, and illustrative of strong and resilient players who support a sector in full rebound.

Two years of resilience from bulk handling companies
Since 2020 and the outbreak of the pandemic, global economic actors have swiftly adopted measures to limit the effects of the crisis, particularly in terms of food and health supplies. As a result, shipping and bulk handling companies have been able to maintain a steady supply of product to markets across the globe

More than two months after the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, their activities are once again in focus. Rising energy prices, food inflation and the risk of famine in several countries, are a major source for concern. Bulk handling companies have a significant role to play to ensure that international trade remains stable. This is the case for several companies like UK-based Nectar Group, a subsidiary of R-Logitech, the Port Infrastructure & Logistics division of Monaco Resources Group.

Business solutions to rising transportation costs
The current rise in transportation costs is creating uncertainty for many businesses. A study by Economist Impact found that the effect on trade will be most pronounced in Africa and South America. Faced with these rising prices and the need to maintain trade flows, some businesses are trying to reduce costs and transit times by working with companies like Nectar Group, one of the largest providers of integrated unloading and bagging services. Having already carried out projects in more than 75 countries since its creation in 1972, the group has, during a recent operation in South America, discharged and bagged 31,500 tonnes of fertilizers, allowing their local partner to save 10 days in port.

The distinctive feature of the Nectar Group lies in their ability to provide speed guarantees in their different locations of operation, as stated by Christopher Boughton, Managing Director of Nectar Group "Nectar pioneered the concept of the bagging of dry bulk commodities such as grains and fertilisers at the port of destination, which has delivered significant financial benefits to our customers for many years. Today, as Nectar celebrates our 50th Year Anniversary, our focus is just as firmly fixed as ever on providing our clients with a fast, efficient and professional service at competitive rates, delivered by a company with an unrivalled track record of performance in this segment.".

This case in point highlights how companies across the globe can mitigate some of the delays and bottlenecks in supply chains.

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