DP World has created more than 19,000 jobs and driven $13 billion of socio-economic impact across South Africa and Nigeria over 2022 and 2023, according to an independent research by consulting firm Accenture.

"Since acquiring Johannesburg-based Imperial Logistics (Imperial) in March 2022, DP World has significantly expanded its presence and scale in both countries," says a release from DP World.

To measure DP World’s total impact, Accenture developed a customised framework looking at three value areas -- value to industry; value to partners; and value to society. The framework integrates economic drivers and key performance indicators tailored to each area, to consistently measure impact across different geographies and over time, the release added.

"This goes beyond just job creation. For example, improved access to affordable, safe medicines and primary healthcare facilities, meant an estimated $67.1 million was saved by Nigerian consumers, contributing to saving lives,."

Despite macroeconomic challenges, DP World continued to foster sustainable growth and development of $6.74 billion in Nigeria and $6.24 billion in South Africa, the report added.

"In these challenging times, our commitment to sustainable development and community well-being is more critical than ever," says Mohammed Akoojee, CEO & MD, Sub-Saharan Africa, DP World. "Our efforts in Nigeria and South Africa have not only supported direct and indirect jobs and improved healthcare access but have also strengthened supply chains and facilitated trade, laying the foundation for long-term economic stability and growth. We believe that our resilience and innovation are key to transforming the regions and communities in which we operate. We are not just building a business; we are building stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities."

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