Schedule reliability reversed its improving trend and declined by -2.5 percentage points month-on-month in April 2024.

It is now only 0.6 percentage points higher than the lowest YTD point of January 2024, according to the latest update from Sea-Intelligence. (Figure 1)

"On a Y/Y level, schedule reliability in April 2024 was -12.1 percentage points lower. However, the average delay for late vessel arrivals improved by -0.31 days M/M to 4.74 days. This figure is now closer to the pre-pandemic lows than the pandemic highs. On a Y/Y level, the April 2024 figure was 0.40 days higher."

Wan Hai most reliable carrierWan Hai was the most reliable top-13 carrier in April 2024 with schedule reliability of 59 percent.

Evergreen followed with schedule reliability of 53.2 percent. There were four carriers above the 50 percent mark. ZIM was the least reliable carrier with schedule reliability of 44.2 percent. (Figure 3)

Only CMA CGM and Evergreen were able to record a M/M improvement in schedule reliability in April 2024 with 1.3 percentage points each.

On a Y/Y level, none of the 13 carriers recorded an increase in schedule reliability with PIL recording the largest decline of -21.8 percentage points.

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