The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has implemented the Just in Time Planning and Coordination Platform (JIT Platform) for vessels berthing at the PSA Terminal and Jurong Port for cargo operations starting 1 October 2023.

The ship agents, ship liners and marine service providers have been asked to use the JIT Platform to facilitate optimal arrival and departure of vessels to and from the Port of Singapore.

The JIT Platform will be implemented to tankers berthing at the energy terminals and to all vessels calling at the anchorages w.e.f January 2024.

"JIT Platform provides advanced information of the vessel schedule in port, allowing vessels to maintain an optimal operating speed to arrive at the Port of Singapore, reducing the time at the anchorages prior to berthing. The application of JIT arrivals for vessels can result in lower fuel consumption through voyage optimisation and hence savings in carbon emissions."

MPA feels service providers can make use of the advanced and real time information of the vessel schedule to plan and optimise the deployment of resources such as pilotage, towage, bunker tankers and supplies more effectively. "This will lead to faster vessel turnaround time and cost savings for the vessels."

MPA has been conducting training sessions since July 2023 for ship agents, towage service providers and bunker suppliers to have hands-on experiences and familiarise themselves with the system and its functions.

The terminals will provide the estimated time of berthing (ETB), which will be disseminated back to the shipping agent, directly to the vessel, and to all port services providers (pilots, tugs, bunkering barges, etc.). Any change of vessel's arrival details will be disseminated via the ETB platform, writes Kris Kosmala in his LinkedIn post. "All in all, the operators will not be able to use the first come, first served approach."

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