As part of Loginno's strategy to assist shipping companies with their digital transformation and to tap into the opportunities presented by smart technologies, Loginno is now launching their global consulting organisation under the promise of Reimagining Logistics.

Loginno Consulting's core areas of focus would be organisation changes across business processes, technology, human capital management and governance, digital solutions around smart technologies to empower key stakeholders, and data sciences to drive advance analytics and optimisation.

C.S. Anand

Loginno Consulting is headed by C.S. Anand, former CMA CGM, Hapag Lloyd and Meratus.

"The journey of digital transformation within the global logistics industry, especially within shipping companies and freight forwarders, is gathering significant momentum. With the emergence of available technologies such as IoT or smart containers, logistics organisations have a greater need to make use of this new data to improve their performance and provide better service to customers."

Shachar Tal, Co-Founder, Loginno, says: "We figured that out during our successful ventures to partner with shipping companies to turn their container fleet into smart containers. Our focus was on the infrastructure, but we realised that infrastructure is not enough. Organisations didn't always know how to best utilise this new data, so we decided to also offer help on that."

Anand most recently led the digital transformation project at Indonesian shipping company Meratus. "We are eager to partner with logistics organisations as they embark on their transformation journey," says Anand.

"The range of possibilities that technology has enabled will be brought together by working towards creating our customer's next version of capabilities. 'Reimagining Logistics' to accelerate growth and profitability. Truly exciting plans in the short, medium and long terms await our customers, and we're going to start with an offer no company can refuse.

"Emerging technologies have created significant possibilities for the logistics industry. We will only be limited by our vision for the future, our ability to change and our ability to implement next generation digital and business process solutions. The sky's the limit!"

Loginno Consulting will be offering the first 20 customers an initial 8-week process at no cost. The free offer will include organisational due diligence to determine the broad list of opportunities for transformation.

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