MSC announced its collaboration with Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN), a neutral, not-for-profit consortium to enhance safety in transporting lithium battery shipments.

The collaboration was jointly unveiled by MSC and GSBN during the Ship Message Design Group (SMDG) 78th Critical and Dangerous Cargo (CDC) and Plenary Meeting in Antwerp, Belgium, according to the release from MSC.

MSC has integrated its lithium battery shipment booking process with GSBN, which has extensive access to China’s top testing laboratories and certification providers including SICIT and Pony Testing, the release added. The plan is to extend the collaboration to a wider group of certificates as well as expand the network of laboratories to increase the coverage for carriers.

Bertrand Chen, Chief Executive Officer, GSBN, says: “The unprecedented demand for lithium shipments has introduced new challenges for the industry and those who work in it. Our aim through these collaborations is to harness technology to support the global effort to sustainability and mark a new era in shipping safety. As we look ahead, we aim to extend our collaboration to even more shipping lines and certification providers globally to ensure that every journey safeguards lives."

Dirk Van de Velde, Chief Health, Safety, Security and Environment Officer, MSC adds: “Our collaboration with GSBN offers the best of both worlds. We can offer customers a more streamlined experience from the point of booking while ensuring that cargo requiring special handling can be safely transported. This has only been made possible by GSBN’s blockchain network and through it, its access to top testing laboratories and certification providers in China, one of the world’s top exporters of goods with lithium-ion batteries.”

The latest announcement builds upon MSC’s earlier collaborations with members including COSCO Shipping and OOCL, the release added.

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