In the fall of 2023, Ocean Network Express (ONE) partnered with Portchain to focus efforts on enhancing collaboration with container terminals through the Portchain Connect platform.

Portchain’s platform, a growing network of 100 terminals, allows ONE to facilitate the exchange of berthing data with terminals with greater frequency and heightened quality, according to the press release from Portchain.

The partnership envisages a reduction in the time for terminals and ONE to reach digital handshakes on berth changes, presenting a mutual opportunity for both parties to optimise their operational resources.

“Our partnership with Portchain marks a promising step forward in our commitment to operational excellence and sustainable shipping. By leveraging Portchain Connect, we look forward to delivering quality information to our customers, optimising our vessel scheduling, enhancing collaboration with terminals, and delivering superior service to our clients,” says Masaharu Urabe, Global Vessel Operations, ONE.

“This partnership reflects our mutual dedication to advancing the container shipping industry through innovation and transparency for faster and more sustainable shipping,” adds Craig Halford, Vice-President, Sales, Portchain.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) estimates a six percent fuel and CO2 reduction just from coordinating 24 hours before arrival and up to 14 percent savings if coordinated port-to-port. If all container vessels coordinated Just-In-Time port-to-port, it could save up to 19 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions – equivalent to the annual emissions of four million people, the release added.

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