Supply chain visibility platform project44 launched Port Intel,a port intelligence solution with real-time data on congestion and container flow at global ports.

The platform provides shippers, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), Freight Forwarders (FFs) and other stakeholders with what they need to manage and mitigate the impacts of today's ocean turmoil and chaotic supply chains, an official statement said.

"With seemingly endless disruptions, from the Suez Canal blockage to port bottlenecks, companies and customers alike have gained a higher awareness of international shipping challenges and the need for real-time intelligence data. When the Russia/​Ukrainian conflict emerged, project44 data showed a 52 percent increase in export dwell times from Ukraine and an immediate 40.2 percent drop in daily peak TEU vessel capacity calling at Russian ports. Similarly, vessels waiting near Yantian spiked by 44.1 percent when the most recent Covid-19-related lockdown took effect in Shenzhen. These ongoing supply chain challenges require companies to stay nimble and prepare contingency plans by utilising real-time port data."

Port bottlenecks, Covid lockdowns, and sourcing changes driven by the war in Ukraine have made it difficult for shippers to stay on top of their supply chains, says Jett McCandless, Founder & CEO, project44. ​"To help our customers meet these challenges, we've enhanced what was already the world's most advanced ocean visibility suite. Our customers have never been better positioned to identify and mitigate supply chain obstacles."

Port Intel will deliver access to global port and vessel-level detail powered by proprietary data and analytics. These real-time insights will allow companies to proactively monitor supply chain disruptions, black swan events and their impact on terminal operations and the resulting shipment delays.

"With Port Intel, shippers and LSPs can see port congestion in a visual interface as well as receive data via an API-- enabling them to circumvent bottlenecks, plan better and meet customer expectations. The platform can provide highly accurate vessel and container-level dwell times, vessel counts, and other port congestion analytics. With this quantity of data, users are able to proactively spot trends, benchmark, and compare various ports—enabling shippers to make better decisions about how to avoid delays, increase on-time delivery, and improve customer transparency."

project44's algorithms offer visibility unmatched by any other provider: granular location of 11,800 berths, globally, down to 20-metre precision. And beyond shippers and LSPs, Port Intel is already being used by global consultancies, financial institutions, and IT providers to better understand market conditions.

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