The head of state of Zanzibar, Hussein Mwinyi, commissioned the Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal (ZMT) on 18 October 2023 in the presence of Philippe Labonne, chairman of African Global Logistics (AGL), the Zanzibar political authorities and Nahaat Mahfoud, managing director of the Port Authority, Zanzibar Ports Corporation.

This marks the formal launch of the activities of ZMT, the company created by Africa Global Logistics to manage and develop the terminal serving the million women and men who live in the Zanzibar Archipelago.

“The ZMT management contract signed on 18 May 2023, following a call for tenders, will provide the country with a competitive infrastructure which, combined with AGL’s experience in port operations, will enable the country’s imports and exports to be carried out to the highest levels of quality, safety and security, in accordance with international standards,” reads the release.

With the assistance of the MSC Group, of which AGL is a member, ZMT will help to streamline trade in the region and boost the attractiveness of Zanzibar, while accelerating the country’s economic development.

“We are honoured by the trust that Zanzibar’s highest authorities have placed in AGL, and this formal commissioning ceremony is proof of their interest. Following the launch of operations on 18 September 2023, we have mobilised all our teams and deployed the new related tools in order to improve productivity at the port of Malindi. Thanks to the support of our 400 direct employees, we believe this port will make a contribution to the growth of the local economy,” said Nicolas Escalin, Managing Director of ZMT.

With a 240-metre quay and 11 metres of draught, the port is part of a local development strategy that will benefit local communities and includes a training programme for the company’s employees. The company will also draw up an action plan to reduce the terminal’s environmental impact.

It also reads, “The Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal is committed to implementing an investment plan. The company will build an external container emptying area to relieve congestion in the port of Malindi, as well as renovating and updating infrastructure and equipment. The aim is to increase the volume of goods handled at the port of Malindi.”

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