March 28, 2020: Silpack Industries and the Avocado Society of Kenya have agreed to enter into a long-term partnership which is aimed at increasing the Kenya avocado market share in the global trade. Silpack will design, develop and produce top quality performance boxes for the export of avocados.

The first phase of the rollout has been completed and Silpack plans to continue the rollout further in the coming months.

Parit Shah, owner of Silpack Industries states, “The Kenyan exporters will get world-class packaging solutions which are at par with current global market trends. The society will engage with its members and stakeholders to increase awareness on the use of correct packaging design for the cold chain to save on waste and loss of productivity. These boxes will empower micro and small traders to gain access to quality packaging which will enable them to meet the expectations and requirements of premium customers. By supplying their products in premium packaging, they will increase their export base and retain premium customers.”

To reduce carbon footprint, Silpack is procuring materials from certified sources to ensure sustainability. Even the company plans to extend credit facilities by on-boarding a financial service provider into the value chain in the near future.

Shah concludes, “With this partnership, we have larger economies of scale that enable us to negotiate better pricing from our suppliers, which, we are sharing with the members of the Society. They will no longer pay premium prices because of their low purchasing power, and they will buy what they require without locking their working capital in slow-moving stocks.”

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