July 01, 2020: Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of temperature control packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science and cold chain logistic industries announced the launch of Tempcell ECO, a new curbside-recyclable temperature control parcel shipper.

Tempcell ECO is made from 100 percent corrugated cardboard and utilises Softbox Thermaflute patent-pending plastic-free insulation technology. Cardboard is used to create effective insulation layers that offer thermal efficiencies similar to those of traditional expanded polystyrene shippers, whilst being easily and globally recyclable. Once delivered to the end customer, it can be disposed of in either commercial or household curbside recycling bins, ready for collection by the local authority.

This ECO packaging solution is designed for the transportation of wide-stability temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and comes in a flat-packed format to help save space during delivery and storage. It is easy to assemble and recycle once used.

Kevin Valentine, CEO of Softbox said, “Amidst a growing sustainability movement to reduce waste, reuse, recycle and recover; there is a need for a TCP solution that uses less material in design and manufacture and does not require any specialist recycling. Tempcell ECO is made from corrugated cardboard – it can be collected and recycled by your local authority while also providing qualified temperature control.”

Softbox actively considers its own impact on the environment. As part of this, they are committed to planting a tree for every 10 Tempcell ECO products sold in the US, having already donated enough funds to American Forests to plant over 20,000 trees in Q1 2020.

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