Aug 28, 2018: The Singaporean government is looking to promote and expand Singapore-based companies in foreign markets including Africa, through initiatives such as Africa-Singapore Business Forum (ASBF) and Sub-Saharan high-level ministerial exchange. It will focus on strengthening bilateral trade relations between the countries.

The annual meet, South Africa-Singapore Foreign Office Consultations (FOC), enhances cooperation between the two countries. The 2018 FOC’s fifth edition was hosted by South Africa.

Singapore and South Africa began diplomatic relations in 1992. The countries had an exchange of several high-level visits since then. Reginah Mhaule, deputy minister of international relations and cooperation, South Africa, will represent the country in this ministerial exchange.

Mhaule will also participate in ASBF, to be held from August 28-29, 2018. ASBF, launched in 2010, aims to foster trade between Africa and Asia.

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