June 08, 2021: Nigerian start-up Gokada has informed that the issues during the launch of 'Super App' occurred due to the migration from the old app onto the new app, which is completely normal when such a big change is made to any customer-facing platform.

Speaking to Logistics Update Africa, Nikhil Goel, chief executive officer of Gokada said, "The new Gokada Super App was launched on time. The app was always available on both Android and iOS. When we upgraded to the Super App, it took a little longer for the iOS migration to complete but the app works well on both platforms now."

Gokada was in news on June 03, as the app which was launched couple of days ago went down due to technical issues.

Through Super App, customers can access food delivery, ecommerce, and ride hailing services. The Super App launch comes as Gokada crosses over $100 million in annualised transaction value, having completed more than 1 million food delivery and ecommerce orders on behalf of over 30,000 merchants in the last 12 months alone.

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