Leading supply chain & management advisement firm TSOR Group and verified carbon dioxide removal company Eion Corp have recently announced a new partnership expansion to enable large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).

Also widely referred to as negative emissions, or carbon drawdown, CDR is a key element in fighting climate change, and this brand-new partnership expansion between two global leaders is expected to make waves in the industry by helping to reduce the impact of human climate change.

Eion uses proven CarbonLock™ technology - which is designed to accelerate natural geological processes to remove atmospheric carbon permanently on a mass scale, solving a global need for carbon drawdown. TSOR Group, a management advisement company founded to help organizations impact the world for future generations and overcome barriers to change, is proud to announce this new expansion with Eion.

The new technology, supply chain, and infrastructure partnership is set to operationalize Eion's go-to-market strategy, enabling large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR), while increasing soil health, improving ocean alkalinity, and strengthening rural communities.

"Eion first partnered with TSOR Group in 2021 to address logistics and operational feasibility for Eion's CarbonLock™ technology," says TSOR's CEO, Ryan Molinaro. "Together, we are developing a technology and supply chain partnership to address carbon dioxide drawdown that will simplify the process for customers to reach their net zero corporate goals. We are really excited to continue this journey and stand with Eion to become the global leader in verified CDR."

"Our values and purpose are very aligned and committed to permanently drawing down carbon and enabling sustainable agricultural practices," said Molinaro. "We are pleased that TSOR Group's expertise allows us to act as a strategic enabler for such an important and needed organization like Eion as we are jointly working to create a better future for our children's generations."

As part of this new partnership, TSOR Group will provide expert guidance around Eion's supply chain network, information systems, sustainable energy assets, and infrastructure investments.

After TSOR supported Eion to fulfill a purchase by Stripe this summer, Eion completed its Series A funding round and is set to execute a new growth strategy. The companies are now proud to launch this expanded partnership and plan to bring on logistics and operations providers in the Gulf and Mid-South to deliver Eion's ambition to become the largest provider of permanent & verified CDR in the world.

Eion's CEO, Adam Wolf, said "TSOR really helped us understand how much human factors are often the most important piece of the supply chain. Without meaningful engagement with professionals, even the best infrastructure in the world can't solve your problems completely. With TSOR, we have activated all the partners in our supply chain from quarry to field to deliver a solution we all feel good about. We are delighted to announce the expansion of our current partnership, and know we can't solve complex challenges such as decarbonization if we're not on board – TSOR really has been essential to bringing that vision of the future to some of our oldest industries."

The TSOR Group has been instrumental in helping create a scalable path for the largest corporations to address carbon drawdown and meet their net-zero commitments. Through this expanded partnership, TSOR Group and Eion Corp are on a mission to increase the world's capacity for this technology that can permanently address climate change, by integrating it into the world's supply chain and agricultural hubs.

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