June 17, 2020: Australian aeromedical logistics company Swoop Aero is tripling its Malawian drone fleet following a rapid increase in network utilisation to support continued expansion in the south of the country. The onset of the pandemic has prompted renewed efforts by ministries of health across the world to strengthen the local health supply chain and rapidly distribute Covid-19 medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Eric Peck, CEO and co-founder of Swoop Aero said, "As Covid gripped the world during March and April, we saw the volume of medical supplies and samples being carried by the Swoop Aero fleet rise by 300 percent. We have invested in our Malawi fleet to support continued expansion of the network, and are ready to conduct up to 150 flights a day if needed to support Covid-19 response."

Swoop Aero’s network provides improved access to essential health supplies to over 650,000 people in the Nsanje and Chikwawa districts in Southern Malawi. The service is continuing to improve access to healthcare by building an on demand, agile and responsive health supply chain. Whilst the aircraft are currently piloted from Australia, the network on the ground in Malawi is fully operated by a local Malawian workforce. Due to the rapid scaling up of the Malawian network, the company is planning to commence recruitment of additional Malawian team members, including pilots.

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