March 28, 2020: The lockdown period is extending an opportunity for TAAG Angola Airlines in South Africa to strategise around Brazilian exports from South Africa.

Ronel Rossouw, TAAG's cargo manager Southern Africa stated, "We're talking to our Brazilian counterparts and trying to establish a better network in the region. Both air and road options are being considered for cargo transiting beyond Sao Paulo International Airport. We have focused on limited routes but want to come back with a list of areas to choose from. We trust our partners and know we can support South African products shipped to Brazil by developing new routes for our clients," as per FTW Online.

However, Rossouw added that TAAG is committed to re-spark exports from South Africa as soon as possible. "We'll have to help though. The rand is currently at R17 to the US dollar, so we're anticipating exports to struggle at first."

"We also will be starting larger volumes into Portugal that our regular clients have secured through added buyers," he added.

According to Rossouw, the intention will be to provide more options for South African airfreight interests to Brazil once the lockdown in South Africa and Angola is lifted.

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