July 09, 2019: Kuehne Nagel has launched its AI-enabled digital freight platform etrucKNow.com. Bridging the supply and demand of overland logistics via a digital marketplace, etrucKNow introduces a faster way for customers to book trucks and an easier way for carriers to unlock business opportunities.

Launching first in Thailand, a market where the road freight industry is projected to grow to a market size of over $31 billion by 2023, the technology-led platform will eventually be rolled out across 2019 and 2020 to India, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia.

Kuehne Nagel appointed KPMG Digital Village to assist with the development of etrucKNow.com.

With etrucKNow, shippers get access to a simplified quotation and comparison process. Once shipment details are provided, an AI-enabled engine streamlines and automates the quotation comparison process by validating multiple data points and presents the customer with the most competitive quotation.

Real-time visibility, an important concern to customers and carriers, is another key feature of etrucKNow: shippers and carriers will always know where their shipments or drivers are through the platform's real-time track and trace capabilities. They will also receive pro-active service alerts on delivery milestones.

Furthermore, etrucKNow offers approved carriers the opportunity to convert their empty space or trips into potential revenue through the marketplace platform which provides them with access to a network of shippers requiring road freight services.

Chellan Ganesan, vice president of overland for Kuehne Nagel South Asia Pacific said, "etrucKNow.com is an easy-to-use web application designed and developed based on customers' needs and market trends. We are very excited to be able to shape the future of the overland business here in Asia."

The etrucKNow platform is a further step forward in Kuehne Nagel's digital transformation process and initiative to establish a seamless digital customer journey.

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