Jan 28, 2017: Air Charter Service has promoted Tracy D'Cruz to the role of regional director for the company's European offices.

Tracy will start her new role in February.

Justin Bowman, CEO, ACS Group, said, "Since Tracy joined ACS almost 10 years ago she has worked in both the marketing and sales teams in the UAE and UK offices, before starting up our Indian operation in 2012. This gives Tracy an extremely broad range of experience across the business as well as an understanding of many cultures."

"Under her leadership the Mumbai office has become one of the most profitable businesses in the Group which is an incredible achievement in less than four years. We are delighted to be promoting Tracy to regional director of mainland Europe, covering our offices in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland."

The charter numbers of these operations have grown by 80 percent in the last five years, and Tracy will oversee the future development, informed the company through a statement.

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