June 22, 2018: State-owned Transnet has adopted Transnet 4.0 strategy, which is linked to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and is focused on repositioning Transnet as a globally integrated logistics solutions provider.

Transnet CEO Siyabonga Gama highlights the need for creating more job absorption strategies which will involve employing more of the youth, while furthering intracontinental trade in Africa. This comes in line with an unemployment rate of about 27 percent in South Africa.

He pointed out that South Africa and the continent will need to achieve true digital growth. This includes the development of digital skills, with all industries needing to become digitally disrupted, while public-private partnerships remain top drivers for change.

These changes mean new technologies, new market entrance opportunities, customer expectations and new business models, to which the continent needs to adapt rapidly.

In terms of Transnet’s new strategic blueprint, called Transnet 4.0, the entity has prioritised geographic diversification using the core competencies of ports, railway lines and pipelines.

This strategy also aims to grow Transnet to a R100-billion business by 2020, as well as position it among the top five international logistics groups through focusing on major growth areas, including geographical diversification, while encouraging the notion of intra-African trade and manufacturing.

Meanwhile, Transnet has identified new potential growth markets, including South America, North Africa and the Middle East for its existing products and core capabilities.

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