September 30, 2019 – Traxens, an expert in providing high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, has announced a partnership with logistics and transport services specialists Inter Transit Pharma (ITP) and Inter Transit et Prestations Logistiques (ITPL) for precision tracking of consignments of goods to Algeria. The partnership will be of interest to clients who transport by air and sea pharmaceuticals and paramedical products, or parts from European automotive suppliers, primarily to Algeria.

“We are delighted to be contributing our expertise to safeguarding pharmaceutical and automotive industry consignments to Algeria,” said Jacques Delort, managing director of Traxens. “This partnership with ITP/ITPL demonstrates our ability to support clients in their efforts to digitise their supply chains.”

Traxens and ITP/ITPL will provide consignors and consignees located in Algeria with tracking solutions to ensure that their consignments are secure. A Traxens module will be fitted to each container so that ITP/ITPL’s clients have near real-time access to the location of their goods and an alert system linked to geofencing. This involves remote monitoring of consignment locations and routes and taking action if their journey deviates from the pre-set course.

ITP and ITPL manage the transit of several thousand containers going to Algeria each year. The partnership addresses the security issues faced by ITP/ITPL’s clients in North Africa. Some geographical areas may be sensitive and clients want to be reassured that their goods have arrived. The device is built into the container and will speed up the transmission of shipping information and prevent customs problems. Furthermore, there is no need for clients to return the Traxens boxes, as they remain attached to the container throughout the lifetime of the battery.

“We are delighted with this initial partnership with Traxens, which caters to our clients’ needs for accurate traceability and security of their consignments to Algeria. It also helps them stand out from the competition,” said Jean-Louis Poirier, managing director of ITP. “A test phase will be implemented before the end of the year and the device will then be rolled out to all shipments.”

ITP and ITPL are part of the LPS (Logistique et Prestations de Services) Group, a logistics and transport services specialist. Founded in 1996, LPS has considerable know-how and expertise in consulting, logistics auditing and trading.

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