23 December 2021: Global air cargo brand Turkish Cargo became the logistics solutions partner of Togg (Turkey's Automobile Joint Venture Group), which was founded in 2018 with the vision of becoming Turkey's most valuable global mobility brand. Turkey’s national brand is all set to carry the country's first electric automobile to CES in Las Vegas, one of the world's leading tech expos. With this special flight, indigenous automobiles are slated to cross national borders and will be presented on the world stage.

Speaking on the development, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, M. Ilker Aycı said "With the responsibility that comes with being the national flag carrier and strength of being the airline that flies to more countries than any other, we are excited to carry our country's tech export, Turkey's automobile, to all over the world. As the Turkish Airlines family, we are proud of our contributions towards Togg's world launch, the most ambitious project of our country."

Togg CEO M. Gurcan Karakas said; "Of course, we were going to carry our smart product with the global Turkish Airlines brand to CES 2022 where we will present our vision for the future. We thank Turkish Cargo for being our partner in this journey towards #NewLeauge to become a global brand in CES 2022 where the technology world comes together. We will present our smart product with enriched design and futuristic touches as it tells the story of the transformation of mobility that launches automobiles into the third life cycle.”

The new brand launch and concept automobile by Togg will be presented at the international stage for the first time in the CES expo of Las Vegas that is held between 5-8 January 2022. Togg's journey towards the international stage and becoming a global brand with Turkish Cargo started with a digital convoy which was witnessed by thousands from around the world. Interestingly, this 11-hour journey started at the same time with the departure of Turkish Cargo aircraft via personalized aircraft models with a convoy of 40 thousand aircraft.

To enable such an operation, Turkish Cargo makes use of special equipment for the product shipments that require maximum attention and sensitivity, and it keeps each and every movement of the valuable cargo stored in the sensitive cargo storehouses, under continuous supervision via the cameras installed at and around its storage facilities.

Togg, which develops new generation electric and connected cars and creates a mobility ecosystem around these cars, will become an electric SUV manufacturer in Europe by 2022 after it starts its production in its facilities in Gemlik. Togg aims to reach 1 million production units by producing 5 different electric and connected models on a common platform by 2030.

(Source: STATTimes.com)

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