July 15, 2019: Turkish Cargo's recorded an increased tonnage rate by 7.1 percent and grew substantially across the industry which shrank by 5.1 percent in the global air cargo market, as per World Air Cargo Data (WACD) in May.

As per the data, the cargo brand attained a growth rate of 34.4 percent across the American continent, 19.3 percent across the Far East region, and 12.2 percent across the Middle East/South Asia region as based on the sold tonnage.

Right after its relocation to the Mega Hub Istanbul Airport, the carrier increased its market share to 4 percent from 3.9 percent across the industry which shrank by 4 percent in the global air cargo market, and maintained its position at the 7th rank in the air cargo market.

Operating direct cargo freighters to 88 destinations in addition to the cargo carrying capacity of the flag-carrier Turkish Airlines, the carrier operates its dual-terminal operations from Ataturk and Istanbul Airports in 2019. Achieving sustainable growth with its newly-launched destinations, current infrastructure and investments, Turkish Cargo keeps enhancing its capacity in more than 300 destinations included in its current flight network.

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