Feb 25, 2020: According to the international air cargo information provider WACD’s December data (cumulative), Turkish Cargo grew significantly by achieving a tonnage increase of 7.1 percent in a sector where the global air cargo market shrunk by 4.4 percent.

According to WACD data, Turkish Cargo, which has the largest growth rate among the top 10 airlines, rose to 7th place in the international air cargo industry and increased our global market share to 4.1 percent.

Turkish Cargo keeps growing in Far East and America markets

On the basis of the tonnage sold, the successful air cargo brand has grown by 17.1 percent in North and South America, 14.1 percent in the Far East Region, 9.7 percent in South Western Europe, 4.7 percent in the Middle East and South Asia, and 7.1 percent in Africa, thus achieving positive results in all regions wherein it provides air cargo service, and kept growing steadily in these regions.

In addition to the Turkish Airlines’ cargo carrying capacity, Turkish Cargo flies directly to 88 destinations with its cargo aircraft fleet and has achieved a sustainable growth through its current infrastructure and newly made investments.

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