July 24, 2020: Unilode Aviation Solutions and dnata have signed an agreement to equip all dnata warehouses with its bluetooth readers to enhance the efficiency of unit load device (ULD) operations in the global network of their customers.

Benoit Dumont, CEO, Unilode said, "Unilode is currently digitising its entire ULD fleet of 140,000 units with tags and is rolling out a bluetooth reader network infrastructure in over 250 locations worldwide. Our new agreement with dnata will help us accelerate the creation of Unilode's digital ecosystem and enable us to increase ULD visibility, data accuracy and asset stock control, in addition to providing our customers with important information on their cargo. We look forward to partnering with dnata in Unilode's innovative digital journey."

Unilode's digital solution transmits data on the geolocation of the ULDs and can also share other relevant information such as temperature, humidity, shock and light, using ULDs equipped with bluetooth digital tags and a network of bluetooth readers and mobile devices.

Guillaume Crozier, dnata's divisional vice president for operations and product development said, "We are delighted to partner with Unilode to deliver more value for our customers by taking advantage of the latest technologies. Unilode's innovative solutions will further increase our digital footprint and help us efficiently manage and track ULDs across our operations. We continue to enhance training, processes and technology to provide the best possible services to our customers."

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