Oct 25, 2018: Logistics company UPS has further announced investment in its express services unit in India, thereby attaining full ownership. The company previously held a majority position in an express services joint venture, which exclusively served UPS’s international express small package shipping business in India.

UPS helps large businesses and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India to expand trade with customers throughout the global marketplace. UPS’s move to obtain full ownership, along with planned network upgrades, demonstrates the company’s commitment to invest strategically in high-growth international markets and expanding economies such as India.

“The World Bank projects that the global economy will expand by $6.5 trillion between 2017 and 2019. India will be the third-highest growth country with its gross domestic product (GDP) expected to account for 8.6 percent of this expansion. In recent years, India has emerged as a key player in the shipping and logistics sector and UPS is poised to play a leading role in supporting international trade and supply chain related needs.Full ownership in our international small package express business in India will position UPS for its next phases of expansion in India and the region,” said Rami Suleiman, UPS president for Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa (ISMEA).

Recently, UPS inaugurated a facility at Hyderabad to provide integrated services for small package, supply chain solutions and contract logistics, which offers greater efficiency and competitiveness to businesses. In April, UPS continued its investment strategy in India by enhancing its network with the opening of another integrated logistics facility in Ahmedabad. From this location, customers are provided a 48-hour delivery timeline to markets in the US and Europe. This capability is especially attractive for businesses in Gujarat – a strategic choice given Gujarat’s contribution to a quarter of India’s goods exports.

“Our supply chain management expertise helps customers simplify doing business, speed adoption of technology and facilitate rapid emergence of specialised sectors such as industrial manufacturing, high-tech, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other allied industry segments. This investment is a catalyst for growth and will support further expansions. With full ownership, we consolidate our position after thirty years of existence in India. We are well-positioned at the intersection of connectivity, technology and efficiency to help businesses realize their growth potential,” said Rachid Fergati, MD, Indian subcontinent for UPS.

Over the past several years, UPS has invested heavily in building its air freight services. The company has acquired new capabilities, technology and expertise and has implemented new performance standards to increase its overall operational capacity.

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