June 23, 2021: va-Q-tec has secured Turkish Cargo as another partner within its global network. Now, the German company’s thermal containers will continue to move within this extensive air freight network.

The high-performance thermal containers (va-Q-tainer) enhance the airline’s portfolio with their particularly safe, sustainable product properties. The containers are considered particularly energy-efficient without sacrificing performance in terms of temperature holding time. A special low-temperature service free of dry ice down to -50°C is available. This makes the thermal boxes and containers from va-Q-tec ideally suited for the newly developed Covid-19 vaccines.

Abdullah Bahadir Buyukkaymaz, special cargo manager at Turkish Cargo, commented, “We are particularly pleased to benefit from va-Q-tec’s environmentally friendly and highly efficient transport solutions in times of global pandemic and related logistical challenges. By using the fully autonomous logistics solutions, we minimise the transport risk for the highly temperature-sensitive specialty products. We can fully meet the very high requirements of international pharmaceutical and vaccine shipments thanks to our high standards and logistics network.”

Due to their unique technology, va-Q-tainers can maintain various temperature ranges between -70 °C and +25 °C for several days inside the container. In addition, the underlying production processes have been certified as climate-neutral according to the UN Greenhouse Gas Protocol since 2020.

Joachim Kuhn, founder and CEO of va-Q-tec said, “Our new partner Turkish Cargo is located in the hub between Asia and Europe and is therefore a great asset for our international partner network. We are proud to offer a wide range of additional destinations. Together we solve every challenge of temperature-controlled supply chains even in this challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure safe logistics around the globe.”

To secure the sensitive transport data and ensure its clients the best possible ordering service, the company works with blockchain technology and software developed in-house. This makes the processes for the customer not only very convenient and timesaving, but also forgery-proof and protected against misuse.

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