Ingo Zimmer, CEO, ATC Aviation talks to Libin Chacko Kurian of STAT Media Group during the recently concluded air cargo Africa 2023 held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As he leads one of the leading air cargo GSSA businesses, he takes us through how macroeconomic factors are affecting the business in general and specifically mentions the absence of the usual peak season at the end of last year, capacity coming back to the market creating an overcapacity scenario which is also due to the fall in demand.

He not only talks about the market but also about ATC Aviation and its strategies to navigate this uncertain market. In the video, he reports that they are in a cost-saving phase of business but have a very strong pipeline. He mentions some of the recent contracts awarded to ATC Aviation including Silk Way West Airlines for Poland and Avianca Cargo for Switzerland & Germany.

Do watch the video to watch him talking about the revenue it earned and tonnage it handled and the geographical reach it has. He also talks about ATC’s Africa operations and why he was present at air cargo Africa 2023.

He also gives his perspective on the need for investment in African air cargo and the recent changes in its regulatory framework before he speaks about his plan for ATC in the African continent.

00:00 Intro

01:09 How are the macroeconomic factors affecting air cargo demand?

02:41 How ATC Aviation is navigating this market?

04:10 What brings you to air cargo Africa 2023?

04:58 How big is ATC Aviation?

05:22 ATC's operations in the African air cargo market.

05:55 ATC's perspective on the need for investment in African air cargo.

06:40 What is ATC Aviation's future in Africa?

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