Anna Balan, Product Development Manager for CargoBooking at Awery Aviation Software sat with Libin Chacko Kurian of STAT Media Group the day after they announced the launch of the open-access version of the online booking and quoting portal CargoBooking. She puts the new announcement into the historical perspective of Awery which was started in 2019.

The conversation happened in the recently concluded air cargo Africa 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It is evident from the video how much Awery and Anna focus on their clients and customers while developing new software solutions and deciding on the strategy. "We don't want them to use it just because they paid for it," she says.

No doubt the air cargo industry is getting more digitised but Anna believes that we have been talking about digitalisation for many years already. "I believe it is high time to stop talking and start doing," she says.

She argues that, in the next, five to seven years, the cargo industry will go online completely.

Anna also takes us through the solutions offered by Awery and describes some of the tangible effects they had on the businesses and processes of their customers.

She also shares Awery's plan to grow in the near future, the countries where they are present right now and why growing country by country rather than launching globally is the right strategy for the software development company.

00:00 Intro

00:54 What does the launch of open access version of CargoBooking means to your customers?

02:32 How is digital technology adoption evolving in air cargo?

05:14 Who are your clients? Where are they located?

05:53 What more we can expect from Awery?

06:51 What is your plan to grow geographically?

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