On March 27th, 2024, a panel discussion was held at Emara Ole-Sereni in Nairobi, Kenya. A part of Flower Logistics Africa (FLA) 2024, organised by Logistics Update Africa, the panel discussion focused on the impact of digitalisation on flower logistics and featured prominent figures in the industry. Among the distinguished speakers were Jeroen van der Hulst, Owner and Founder of FlowerWatch, who offered insights into how innovative technologies are transforming the sector. Moses Ndegwa, Supply Chain Coordinator at AAA Growers, shared first-hand experiences of how digital solutions have streamlined operations and improved efficiency. Sam Quintelier, Senior Business & Network Development Manager Cargo at Brussels Airport provided valuable perspectives on leveraging data analytics for supply chain visibility and risk mitigation. Patricia Odida, Chief Commercial Officer at Astral Aviation, offered insights into optimising cargo operations through digitalisation and data visibility.

The panellists stressed the importance of digitalisation in flower logistics. Digital solutions offer benefits such as transparency, waste reduction, and sustainability. Technology can also mitigate disruptions, ensuring smooth global flower shipments. The discussion revealed the potential for digitalisation to transform the industry, providing practical insights for stakeholders to drive positive change.

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