Ashish Asaf, chief executive officer, SA Group, one of India's leading neural wholesale freight forwarding companies based in Delhi, spoke to Libin Chacko Kurian of STAT Media Group and discussed the current optimism around Indian aviation, SA Group’s positioning in the market as a neutral forwarding company, business model, expertise in handling special cargo, dangerous cargo, huge volumes they handle and the importance of the relationship with airlines.

They sat down during air cargo Africa 2023 happened from February

As a neutral forwarding company, SA Group work only with other freight forwarders, customs brokers, courier companies and food manufacturing units. "We don't work directly with exporters or shippers which gives the forwarders the comfort to trust us that we will not go back to their customers. That makes us special for the Indian market," he says.

By following this policy SA Group provides an equal competitive advantage for a new freight forwarding company as par with other big forwarding companies. "We empower them. We help them with our competitive pricing which is there because of our volumes," Asaf says.

Asaf also shared with us why South America and Africa are his target markets. He also plans to focus on expanding to the South of India.

00:00 Intro

01:02 Why is there so much optimism around India's aviation and air cargo industry?

03:08 How SA Group is positioned in the Indian air cargo market?

05:12 What are the types of cargo you move and what are your expertise?

06:27 What is the geographical reach of SA Group?

07:01 What brings you to air cargo Africa 2023?

07:43 What are the biggest trends that you're observing in this market?

08:32 How SA group is responding to these developments?

09:28 What we can expect from SA Group in the near future?

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