Why do foreign investors skip e-commerce and head straight to fintech in Africa, does e-commerce need independent research to entice more investors, why digital divide may be Africa’s Achilles heel when it comes to economic progress - no one knows about Africa’s trade and e-commerce journey better than Alastair Tempest, CEO of Ecommerce Forum Africa.

Here in conversation with Lakshmi Ajay, of STAT Media Group at the recent Air Cargo Africa 2023, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, Tempest addresses questions on Africa’s huge logistics problems and opportunities, its e-commerce commodity trends, the advent of cross border commerce and how social commerce and women entrepreneurs are changing the game in e-commerce simply by being highly adaptive and agile to change.

Making a case for rapid digitalisation, growth of local air carriers and a need for banking bureaucracy to end, Tempest spills the tea on what makes Africa’s e-commerce logistics so dynamic in this exclusive interview.

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