Thomas Burger, Marketing Director Environment and Sustainability at Airbus talks about how the plane maker is leading aviation decarbonisation efforts. From developing, testing and maturity-based deployment of disruptive technologies, Airbus is making collaborative enhancement of the operational efficiency of the airfreight ecosystem. Burger speaks to Reji John, Editor, STAT Media Group, on the sidelines of IATA World Cargo Symposium in Hong Kong.

"The big element is Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). So our aircraft can fly with the 50% blend with SAF today and we are working together that up 100% concentration by 2030. This is where we, as an OEM, are doing the research and can make a significant difference. At Airbus, in terms of SAF, we want to act as a catalyst for the aviation industry and drive not only our products but also the whole ecosystem for rapid adoption of SAF," says Burger.

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