Christos Spyrou, CEO & Founder at Aero Africa spoke to Lakshmi Ajay of STAT Media Group recently on the sidelines of the Air Cargo Africa 2023, held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Spyrou, who is also a TIACA Board Member comes with experience of 4 continents, 8 nations, and 30 years within the global air cargo logistics industry. He speaks about some crucial lessons learnt from the pandemic, to the company expanding its global footprint with new talent and about building a strong African GSA network.

Spyrou is optimistic about the recovery of air cargo fortunes this year and remains gung ho on Africa’s air cargo potential. He is of the firm belief that high transportation costs and lack of infrastructure in Africa makes air cargo a viable opportunity for the continent. Watch his unique take on the practical problems and the road ahead for the African air cargo and logistics industry.

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