Mar 30, 2017: MT Africa Gas, one of the two Liquefied Petroleum Gas vessels ordered and completed by West Africa Gas (WAGL), has delivered its first cargo of 9000 metric tonnes of gas to Ghana.

WAGL is owned by Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and Oceanbed of the Sahara Group. MT Africa Gas is to deliver 180000 standard cubic feet of gas as works at the Tema port to receive first gas for the thermal plants in Tema energy enclave is underway.

This was disclosed at a media tour of the facility at Tema port when the vessel ordered at Hyundai Mipo Shipyard in South Korea in 2014 docked at Tema. Managing Director of the company, Roland Omoreegbe believes the company’s dream of being a leading LNG supplier is on course.

According to him, this is the first of its kind by any energy company and this feat will help them serve consumers in Africa and beyond. The company’s proposition includes building a jetty, dredging a channel within the port and extension of the breakwater.

These are relevant facilities to supply gas from its Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) which is currently anchored approximately four nautical miles offshore Tema.

Captain of MT Africa Gas vessel, Sergejs Tihomirovs said the vessel can carry both butane and propane. WAGL is expected to take delivery of the second vessel, MT Sahara Gas in the coming weeks. The capacity for both vessels is 38000 cubic meters (cbm).