December 15, 2020: Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) is offering its airline customers enhanced real-time shipment visibility and cost-efficient asset management solutions by deploying Descartes Core Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers across its global cargo operations.

Already live at WFS’ airport locations in Paris, London, Brussels, Frankfurt, Madrid, New York and Houston, the Bluetooth readers will be introduced at other international stations in the company’s network spanning 175 major airports in 22 countries to track cargo, parcels and mail shipments, in line with customer demand.

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Designed to help deliver end-to-end visibility across entire air cargo supply chains, the Descartes readers capture the movement of shipments and ULDs that have either Descartes or third-party BLE tags attached. Shipment status can be tracked in real-time whether cargoes are in the air or on the ground. The solution also improves ULD asset management by identifying the locations of containers, helping optimise ULD inventory and reduce the costs associated with misplaced equipment or the requirement to lease additional ULDs.

John Batten, executive vice president cargo EMEAA at WFS, said, “In today’s challenging market conditions, it is more important than ever to implement new technologies that support the efficiency of our worldwide operations and which give our customers greater visibility of their cargo and assets to either generate new revenue opportunities or achieve business efficiencies. Descartes’ Bluetooth readers automate the end-to-end tracking of freight shipments and offer real-time status reports such as precise temperature, movement, shock, light and humidity data. This is especially important for the high-value and temperature-controlled types of cargoes which provide premium revenues for our customers.”

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“We’re pleased to help WFS enhance the value of its cargo services offering and the global reach of BLE-enabled tracking locations,” said Scott Sangster, vice president, global logistics network at Descartes. “With greater transparency into the location and condition of ULDs and ground handling equipment through innovations in IoT and network technology, Descartes is helping the air cargo community deliver end-to-end shipment visibility and more secure and efficient air cargo logistics operations.”

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