Jan 12, 2017: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi confirmed to strengthen industrial cooperation with Zambia thus helping the nation to improve the capacity of independent development.

During his talks with his Zambian counterpart Harry Kalaba, Wang said that Zambia remains an "all-weather" friend of China. China also happens to be Zambia’s second largest trading partner and its main source of foreign investment.

Wang promised to help transform the landlocked country into a transport hub and logistics center. He added that China and Zambia have similar positions on major international and regional issues. Further, he stressed upon the need for countries to strengthen coordination and cooperation through bilateral and multilateral channels. This would help safeguard the common interests of both countries and other developing nations.

Kalaba, on his part, expressed Zambia’s appreciation for China's assistance, saying Zambia believes that China is the most reliable strategic partner.

The minister added that Zambia looks forward to working closely with China on the makeover of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway. Furthermore, Zambia sticks to the one-China policy and supports China's efforts in safeguarding its national sovereignty and maritime interests.