Aug 13, 2018: ATC Aviation and Pacific Feeder Services have partnered to form one combined company in South America. The deal that was being signed last week in Santiago de Chile has been under negotiations over the past three years.

The combination of both the companies will combine their strengths, increase global presence and create a robust portfolio that can benefit from growth trend over the long term.

Mark Thiermann, regional director, PFS said, “PFS and ATC are now one combined company in South America. We will direct all our efforts towards ensuring that our customers will benefit from our new group. With global reach and top local expertise, we are in a good position when it comes to supporting our partner airlines’ growth.”

The business for PFS will continue as usual and the customers will hardly feel these changes. But in addition, customers will benefit from the strengths and reliability of both companies in the future, as well as through the international network with branches in Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and Asia.

Ingo Zimmer, CEO, ATC Aviation, said, “Together we will achieve strong and complementary positions in South America’s key export markets, creating a broader and more balanced portfolio. This purchase is a further step to complete our mission to become the world leading cargo GSSA."

PFS will soon operate under the globally recognised name of ATC. Until the transition has been completed, the partners will have a joint presence in the market. After the transition period of one year, GrupoPFS will be under the branding of the ATC Group.

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