November 28, 2019: Bollore Logistics Zimbabwe has supported a $1.48 billion Hwange thermal power expansion project in North West Zimbabwe for TOPOWER, a subsidiary of Sinohydro, a hydropower engineering and construction company.

The company is undertaking the expansion project in conjunction with Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) with the aim of reducing electricity imports and save foreign currency. The project will see an increase in power generation from the current 600 MW to double the size capacity 1,200MW and is estimated for completion in 2022.

“We are all very proud of the synergies and team effort that went into securing this contract,” commented Fergus Fitch, Durban branch director for Bolloré Logistics. “Over the next three years, Durban will look to handle 180,000 cbm of breakbulk cargo.”

Through combined efforts and collaboration with Bolloré Logistics in China, the Bolloré Logistics offices in South Africa and Zimbabwe have secured the African inland trucking and customs clearance work.

“We are currently completing a shipment of 4,500 cbm, continued Fergus. “The movement of this shipment has gone extremely well, and we are currently 25 percent ahead of the projected transit time. The critical project pieces which were urgently required at the site for the inauguration ceremony were delivered six days ahead of schedule, demonstrating the ability of our Durban team to achieve and excel on these types of projects. We are very excited about the remainder of this project and I am confident in our team’s ability to continue to deliver these high levels of service.”

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