May 27, 2020: DHL Global Forwarding has transported PPE shipment as part of its dedicated weekly air freight solution from China to Africa. UbuntuConnect, the specific air freight solution for the China-Africa lane will be extended due to high demand.

DHL Global Forwarding is leveraging its global network to facilitate the air transportation of critical personal protective equipment from China to Ghana, via Dubai. From Accra, the shipment is distributed across the country to equip front-line healthcare workers in their fight against Covid-19.

This was made possible as part of DHL’s dedicated 100 tonnes weekly air freight service from China into Middle East and Africa launched last month. Aptly named after the Nguni Bantu word for “humanity”, UbuntuConnect sees cargo being consolidated across China into Guangzhou City and shipped via Dubai to several countries across Africa, within a span of two to three days. Leveraging Dubai’s strategic geographical locations as the gateway between the Orient and Africa, DHL has transported two shipments to Ghana thus far and expects more in the coming weeks.

“The ongoing pandemic is causing a dearth in global air freight capacity making it ever critical that we continue to amass our resources globally to ensure a stable supply chain, especially for medical and critical supplies. With UbuntuConnect, we are carving out specific routes from the transit hub in Dubai to Africa, so life-saving essentials can continue to reach local communities in Ghana,” said Serigne Ndanck Mbaye, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding (West Africa) and country manager, Ghana.

DHL Global Forwarding has been operating UbuntuConnect since April 21 to meet ongoing demand for medical equipment and personal protective gear such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and goggles. From May 26, DHL Global Forwarding will begin to consolidate cargo across China, for uplift in Shanghai – as part of ongoing efforts to adjust the network as needed to best meet customers’ needs.

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