ShipBob, a supply chain and fulfilment platform for SMB and mid-market e-commerce merchants, announced the addition of two new freight partners, Maersk and ECU Worldwide, to its end-to-end managed freight and inventory distribution programme, FreightBob.

“From its launch, FreightBob has powered ocean and air freight into the ShipBob fulfilment network for hundreds of merchants moving thousands of cubic meters, with the most popular lanes being Asia to the United States and the United Kingdom,” reads the release.

Through these new partners, ShipBob merchants can unlock many more global freight lanes with FreightBob, levelling up the entire supply chain experience from port to porch. FreightBob allows merchants to get inventory into ShipBob's global fulfilment network faster, more cost-effectively, and with greater precision and real-time visibility for better forecasting and inventory planning.

Maersk has 65,000 port pairs in more than 100 countries without any volume minimums, providing ShipBob merchants of all sizes with curated solutions that are fit even for first-time importers. ECU Worldwide is a global leader in ocean consolidation and air freight, enabling cargo movements across 180 countries, with more than 2,400 direct trade lanes and door-to-door deliveries in over 50 markets.

With these new partners, FreightBob now gives ShipBob merchants access to guaranteed ocean freight sailings, air freight, and domestic freight from most global locations directly to ShipBob's receiving hubs and fulfilment centres for smarter distribution from the factory floor to the customer's door. Both partners service all popular ocean trade lanes and offer LCL, FCL, air freight, cartage, domestic, customs services, and other services.

"We're thrilled to elevate our freight offerings to our merchants by partnering with the industry leaders in the global logistics space," said Melissa Nick, chief supply chain officer at ShipBob. "We're confident that these new partners will support our merchants through every global freight need, from clearing customs to importing inventory, while unlocking preferred rates."

"I can't believe how much easier, cheaper, and quicker it was using FreightBob to ship to our ShipBob warehouse via Maersk. Everything is taken care of, end-to-end. This is how global shipping and logistics should be," said Jesse Richardson, founder of The School of Thought. "ShipBob and Maersk are a match made in heaven. Instead of having to deal with the uncertainty of multiple carriers, everything is simply taken care of. The service is truly world-class, and the economies of scale mean that our shipment arrives significantly quicker, and costs much less than it has in the past."

"The Maersk and ShipBob partnership brings together two like-minded companies who share an ambition and commitment to meet customer needs," said Mark Fearnehough, UKI Area Head of LCL at Maersk. "Together we look to deliver premier reliability and efficiency, coupled with the agility to respond to rapid market changes through a fully owned global network."

"We are thrilled to partner with a global e-commerce enabler such as ShipBob," said Noah Sange, SVP of e-commerce at ECU. "We look forward to helping their clients source from and do business with consumers all over the world."

"ECU Worldwide has been outstanding with their commitment to streamlined and cost-effective logistics. They've made a remarkable impact on our operations, eliminating multiple cargo handling steps and ensuring seamless solutions all over the world that optimize our supply chain without compromising the quality of our products," said Nev Lapwood, owner & head coach of Snowboard Addiction. "This has allowed us to significantly reduce storage costs, maintain smaller inventory reserves, and eliminate sourcing risks while enjoying greater flexibility, even during peak seasons."

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