August 07, 2020: Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services has partnered with RTS on cargo revenue management (Velocity) and pricing (AcceleRate) solutions.

Raja Kasilingam, president of RTS remarked, “We are delighted to welcome Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services to our rapidly growing cargo community. Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services is our first cargo customer in Africa and we are quite excited to partner with Africa’s largest cargo operator on multiple solutions to improve network wide profitability.”

Fitsum Abadi, MD, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services stated, “We are very optimistic that having Revenue Management and Pricing system will help us to maximise revenue by utilising the available capacity for high yield cargoes. This revenue maximisation would be achieved using an automated decision-making system that would be accurately forecasting cargo capacity by flight and a price range for evaluating pricing requests. It also helps allocate capacity to the appropriate products in such a way that maximises profit.”

In April, Ethiopian Airlines has introduced a mobile app and chatbot-assisted shipment tracking service to elevate cargo customers’ experience. The mobile app will bring convenience to Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services customers through a range of self-service features including checking flight schedule, cargo tracking and charter requests at the swipe of a finger. While the Ethiopian Chatbot enables customers to access up-to-date information and track their shipment on Messenger and Telegram.

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