November 14, 2019: Heppner, a French supply chain specialist has established its presence in Dakar, Senegal providing links to neighbouring countries.

The branch became fully operational in June and has a diverse portfolio of accounts in the retail, FMCG and pharmaceutical sectors.

Heppner stated that West Africa is becoming more attractive due to natural resource projects and the growing middle classes demanding western consumer goods and retail products.

Shippers require an integrated supply chain offering air and ocean freight, and also customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution.

Valentin Jung, overseas director in charge of group development in Africa said, “We carefully prepared our arrival in the region with the ambition to become the partner of excellence and reference for companies looking for alternatives to the current oligopoly in place, at human scale yet complying with the highest European standards.”

Pascal Bonnet, Senegal country manager said, “Our aim is to double our workforce by the end of 2020. Our understanding of the local operational constraints combined with our experience of international operations places us in an ideal position to participate in the country and region’s major development projects.”

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