Mar 31, 2017: European Airline Lufthansa has reportedly shown interest in resuming flights into Zimbabwe, with options to land in Harare or the resort town of Victoria Falls.

The Germany airline's decision to consider a second dance with Zimbabwe, after having joined a number of airlines to pull out of Harare between 2000 and 2008 on account of hyperinflation that rendered the Zimbabwean currency worthless, is said to be informed by the introduction of a multiple currency regime dominated by the United States dollar that has held fort since 2009.

Zimbabwe also recently upgraded its Victoria Falls Airport at a cost of US$150 million into a world-class airport that can handle large long haul aircraft, creating an opportunity for airlines to fly directly into the resort town.

The upgrade also doubled the airport's handling capacity to one million passengers per year, although the airport has no in-flight catering facilities.

According to a top official in the Transport Ministry, Lufthansa has been making contacts with the ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority (Caaz) with a view to make a comeback into the country.

This comes as Ethiopian Airlines over the weekend introduced flights to Victoria Falls. According to officials, there will be flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The airline is using a Boeing 737-800. Ethiopian has been plying the Addis Ababa-Harare route.

Enquiries made from the Transport Ministry showed Lufthansa was engaging the Caaz, which is responsible for regulating airlines in the country.

Photo credit: AirlineReporter

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