September 06, 2021: The Cool Chain Association (CCA) is organising virtual Perishables Conference on September 15, to donate to children’s charity Every Infant Matters instead of paying a registration fee. Container shipping line MSC (gold sponsor) and South African terminal operator FPT (silver sponsor) will join platinum sponsor Perishables Products Export Control Board (PPECB) to support the conference.

The conference will provide a platform for delegates to learn about new ways to drive quality and efficiency in the temperature-controlled supply chain. The event will see board members provide an update on current CCA projects that are supporting a more quality-driven cool chain.

“CCA members work together on projects that will help improve the quality of the cool chain and we have plenty of useful information to share at our conference, especially given the challenges of Covid,” said Stavros Evangelakakis, CCA chairman.

“The value of collaboration is in sharp focus at the moment, and we will be sharing knowledge and information to help support stakeholders from across the cool logistical value chain to be more agile and less wasteful.”

Guest speakers will include Lucien Jansen, PPECB CEO, and Dr Radhika Batra, founder of Every Infant Matters, the CCA’s chosen charity.

Every Infant Matters serves poverty-stricken communities in India, Nigeria, and the Dominican Republic with last mile healthcare solutions.

The conference programme will feature talks by Evangelakakis and Nicola Caristo, CCA secretary general and airline partner manager of SkyCell, along with round tables chaired by CCA board directors examining data sharing, risk and change management, and collaboration in practice.

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